For those who have just started their business, as well as those with several months or years under their belts, we want to help you ensure that everything is in order and you are prepared for the next step in your business.


Bringing a truly unique and excellent service to the students who need it.






At Courage Consultants UK Limited, we want students to be able to grow and develop into the field they are interested in, for some, this means studying at university level in order to achieve their desired goal, for others, this involves starting their own business as the options for what they want to do are scarce.

We understand how difficult it can be on your own, and in turn, offer a Business Mentorship Package that can turn your business into something truly outstanding.

As part of our business mentorship service we provide:

  • Business Startup Consultancy Training
  • Business Mentorship and Coaching (1 Day/week for 6 Weeks)
  • 1 Year Consultancy Service

After this course, you will feel like someone entirely new and prepared to take on the world, providing the product/service of your choice in perfect form.

With no pre-requisites, we will train you from the ground up to ensure you are effectively able to manage your business, as we continue to guide and teach you tips and tricks as you see the effects that it has first hand.