Online video call has now become a relatively popular way to study especially due to recent global pandemic COVID 19. Causing concerns for everyones well-being in general. With this in mind many institutes around the world are now using online video conference such as Zoom, Moodle and Skype to carry out a hybrid approach to studying. Meaning that students are able to have the flexibility to attend lectures online through video call or in person at the institution campus. There are many benefits in using online video conference. Some of the following benefits are listed below:

  • Relatively easy to setup
  • Able to separate class into groups for any group activities
  • Able to record lectures for students who may miss any lessons
  • Screensharing and remote-control allowing users to share or take control of people’s screen if necessary
  • Able to use video call or audio only

However, as there are benefits some students may also find some cons in using online video calls. Some are listed in the following:

  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Students may find it difficult work in groups over video call
  • Students may prefer attending lecture in person
  • Technical difficulties (e.g., audio quality or video quality)

In summary online video call has now been a major presence in the modern way of using technology. There are of course many cons in using online video call however the benefits mentioned definitely is something to consider as it as managed to help society overcome some of the difficulties with the recent global pandemic, enabling students to carry on studying without any worries.

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